There are multiple reasons why one can consult a counselor or psychoanalyst, but probably the most common reason is that something is lacking; be it healthy interpersonal relationships, self esteem, the ability to realize life projects like work, study, relationship/family,… Instead  you may feel that you are confronted with feelings of anxiety, depression, panic attacks, obsessions, trauma, and compulsions. Some persons are having trouble in work situations or experience  repetitive patterns of disappointment in personal relationships, others feel lethargic, have physical complaints or have difficulties coping with personal losses and transitions in life (parenthood, moving abroad, illness and death, …) . In short: when you have issues that interfere with the way you’d like to live your life, talking with a counselor might be extremely helpful. 

The main goal of the treatment is to get back in touch with your ‘desire’, which will allow you to develop with enthusiasm and energy new life projects etc,.. Most people struggle with anxieties, inhibitions and symptoms. And maybe you wonder why things seem to happen again and again. The answer is quite simple: because one has gotten estranged from that which is most of his own, his desire,  and got trapped in repetitive patterns. Getting back in touch with your own desire opens new pathways in life. The result is a strong improvement in the overall quality of life on the social, emotional, and psychological levels. Often this overall improvement is overlooked. One addresses one specific problem or symptom, and all other difficulties, doubts and fears that might arise are being ignored or disregarded.

So here I am, to listen to you and to accompany you.